About Us

More Than Half-Century of Crafting Nature’s Best Fibre!

We’re have grown to be well-known as the industry go to expert as well as the 1 stop center for all coir and natural fibre-based solutions ranging from raw material sourcing to even finished goods.

We accredited our success largely due to our many years of industrial knowledge, expertise, and experience in the manufacturing and producing of high-quality eco-friendly fibre-based products.


Introducing Fibrelux

The Bed Made From Heaven

All Mattresses May Look the Same
The only thing that matters most is, which one will let you experienced the Best Quality Sleep ever!

The Secret is in the Fibre
Ours is made from nature’s best.

Try it, and it’s so Comfy
You’ll probably want to stay in bed as long as possible!

If You’re Looking for Custom-Made,

Eco-Friendly & Natural Fibre Solutions

for Your Business or Brand?

“Harnessing Nature’s Fibre,
To Benefit Mankind”