Introducing Fibrelux

The Bed Made From Heaven

All Mattresses May Look the Same
The only thing that matters most is, which one will let you experience the Best Quality Sleep ever!

The Secret is in the Fibre
Ours is made from nature’s best.

Try it, and it’s so Comfy
You’ll probably want to stay in bed as long as possible!

The Secret is in the fibre

Ours is made from nature’s best

Function of Acti-Bon

Emits Negative lons

Helps to balance out surrounding positive ions

Types of Coconut Coir Fibre

Fibrelux specialty Coir Fibre techniques No.1 Coconut Fibre Mattress

Experience the
Best Quality Sleep ever!

8 Reasons to use Fibrelux

Outstanding Elasticity
Certified Quality Guaranteed
Excellent Body Support
Anti-fungal & Hygienic
Self-Ventilating and Moisture Regulating
Absence of Irritating Noises
Minimum Temperature Differences
Environmental Friendly
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Our Product Value Creation!

6 Health Benefits of Far Infrared

Proven by 7
Clinical Studies

  • Far Infrared Ray effect on athletic performance.
  • Evaluation of the “well-being” effect of a duvet and a mattress topper.
  • Optical characterization of Far Infrared Ray samples/tissues in the middle IR region (2-20 um).
  • The effect of textiles impregnated with particles with high emissivity in the infrared, on the temperature of the cold hand.
  • Ceramic textiles from mineral oxides microfibres coating (Far Infrared Ray) efficiently emit infrared rays and reduce free radical levels in health volunteers.
  • Evaluation of the effectiviness of leather with Far Infrared Ray based on ISO 21702:2019 measurement of antiviral activity for coronavirus.
  • Light absorption heat-retaining test.
Trusted by Million of Customers.
Products powered by Far Infrared Ray Technology have been determined by the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to be medical devices as defined in Section 201(h) of the food. Drug and cosmetic act are also general wellness product.
GO Energized Sleep with Far Infrared Technology Series.

It’s so comfy, you’ll probably want to stay in bed as long as possible!