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The Art of Harnessing Nature to Produce The Best Fibre

What We Do Best

We began our humble journey in 1972, and we started as a smart partnership of two entities, between Ikeda Bussan Co Ltd, a Japanese Conglomerate with a local Malaysian interest in supplying processed coconut husk fibres - or more commonly known in the industry as “Coir Fibre”. Today, even though we are now 100% Malaysian-owned, the Japanese Culture of upholding High-Quality Standards, Stringent Management Systems & Dedicated Work Ethics remains fully ingrained in all aspects of our operations and in the brands we produce.

Since then, we have grown to be a leading producer of natural coir fibre around the ASEAN region and are also the best-known company for harnessing such natural fibres to be made into quality products of wide possibilities and applications.

In 1991, we proudly launched our very own mattress brand of international stature under the brand name Fibrelux, a rubberized coir mattress. Today, Fibrelux and our many other OEM Brands of mattresses, have greatly graced many homes and even in the hospitality industry, both locally and abroad. Especially in countries like Japan, our eco-friendly mattresses became an instant hit over there. Besides Japan, our products can also be found in Korea, China, Taiwan, Maldives, Russia, France, Belgium, Australia, Brunei, and Singapore as well.


More Than Half-Century of Crafting Nature’s Best Fibre!

We have grown to be well-known as the industry go-to expert as well as the 1 stop center for all coir and natural fibre-based solutions ranging from raw material sourcing to even finished goods.

We accredited our success largely due to our many years of industrial knowledge, expertise, and experience in the manufacturing and production of high-quality eco-friendly fibre-based products.


We aspire to be a leading producer of natural fibre and coir-based eco-friendly fibre OEM manufacturer in the ASEAN region.


We have a mission to be the most respected authority in producing natural fibre and coir for the manufacturing of eco-friendly fibre-based products while maintaining environmentally conscious, ethical, and sustainable business practices — to help safeguard your health and protect our planet.
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Our Milestones…


Coco Industry Incorporated
Ikeda Bussan Co Ltd + Marubani + Tan Chong(M)

Produce Coir Raw Materials Export Back to Japan


Start Produce Coir Car Seat for All Car Assembler



Start Produce Coir Mattress and Export to Japan for Hospital Use


Fibrelux Brand Established for Mattress Export and Malaysia Market


New Factory Building Completed


ISO 9001 Certification Obtained


Adopted Zero Formaldehyde Production


Enter China Market


Adopting Kenaf Into Our Product Range


Introduce Kenaf Matt


Introduce Kenaf Matt
to Korea


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“Harnessing Nature’s Fibre,
To Benefit Mankind”