Care for Your Future

Natural Quality

For Coco Industry Sdn. Bhd., qualities of our raw materials are strategically importance. Together with our joint venture partners and suppliers, we control the quality of our raw materials with minute care.

Coco Industry Sdn. Bhd.s products are made purely from natural fibres and natural latex. Nature constantly replenishes these materials, which have unsurpassed resilience, durability and ventilation properties.

Unlike petroleum-based products, the raw materials which Coco Industry Sdn. Bhd. uses has no limit in supply; they are constantly being replenished by nature and so the ecological balance is maintained. Coir fibres (Coconut fibres) are mostly disposable by-products of a different process. Coco Industry Sdn. Bhd. reuses these materials and gives them a new purpose in life.

The human skin is a breathing layer of our body, our body temperature is kept under control through pores and body hair. Humidity will evaporate into the air around us through our skin, uncomfortableness will occur if this process is blocked (by wearing a synthetic materials).

Unlike other materials, Natural fibres go well with our skin. (cotton shirt, shoes from real leather, wool ticking). The reason is that natural materials always been part of the ventilating agent of a living object and naturally designed to transport humidity.

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