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Raw Materials

The basis of all rubberise processed natural fibres are the curled coir fibre (coconut fibre) while needled process are the straight coir fibre. After sorting, wash-ing and drying, the fibres are curled by spinning. The curls are then fixed by prolonged steaming. This is the basic material for the subsequent treatment processes.

Natural Coconut Fibre ( Coir )

Coir is a product of the coconut tree, and it is sometimes known as coco fiber. The substance is extracted from the hairy husk of coconuts. The coir fibre is very tough. It is elastic and strong, and it hardly deteriorates at all over time. The fibre provides good temperature management (for insulation and mattresses) and sound/wave absorption (sound insulation and microwave absorption). It is hygroscopic and so it binds excess room humidity.

Coir is cool. Coir is comfortable. This would be exactly the right statement on coir mattress. Coir has a close relation with temperature control. The rubberized coir has a spring quality and does not retain moisture. Therefore the circulation of air between the coir fibers is smooth. And as a result, the foam also remains dry and fluffy. The compression with exertion of pressure is perfect and also comes back to original shape after the pressure is released.

Natural Latex

Latex is a white milky fluid, a stable dispersion of rubber (organic polymer) particles in water. The natural Rubber Latex is the sap of the tropical rubber tree ˇ§Hevea Brasiliensisˇ¨ that grows in large plantations in South-East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia), parts of Africa (Cameroun) and South-America (Brazil).

Coco Industry works with only Natural Rubber Latex.Coco Industry values the use of natural latex as a binder and resilience enhancer in our rubberised and needled products. The 100% pure natural latex requires a minimum of vulcanizing agents and contributes a unique elasticity and flexibility to our end product, it also stimulates an ecological and durable production. This is one of the secrets to the unsurpassed resilience and durability of our rubberized products.

We use a number of in house developed latex formulations. Each formulation has itˇ¦s own characteristics. Coco Industry guarantees the use of the best-quality natural latex coming from selected and controlled plantations and tested before transformation into our production process.

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