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In House Production Process

Research and development, latex compounding, vacuuming, needling, rubberising, vulcanising, moulding, cutting, punching and finishingˇK The entire production process at Coco Industry is completed in-house.

Latex compounding

The Japanese inherited then in-house developed latex formulations are compounded with great care. The use of 100% pure natural latex requiring a minimum of vulcanising agents is the secret of the durability and natural elasticity Fibrelux® core. For specific applications, such as covering pocket springs or pressure-relieving anti-decubitus mattresses, special compounds are prepared.


After unpacking the fibres, all fibres will then go through a vacumming process before entering needling or rubberising process to clean up more than 90% of short fibres and fibre dusts. This is to ensure our quality by only allowing long fibres to be proccess into final products.


In the needling process the curled fibres are linked together by a special technique, normally onto a hessian or PP backing. A thin layer of latex may also be applied for enhanced binding of the fibres. Needled coir are produced in rolls and sheets.


The spun natural fibres are shaped into a fleece and sprayed with latex as part of the production process. The latex binds the curled fibres which are then pressed and vulcanised in several layers into resilient coir fibre (coconut fibre) sheets. As in the case of the needling process, our factory has our own rubberising plant.


The freshly rubberised and needled coir fibres (coconut fibre) sheets are pressed in moulds and then vulcanized with high heat (>100 Degree Celcius). Widely used applications are mattresses, seat cushions and armrests for furniture. The moulds and specification are manufactured in-house according to the customerˇ¦s specification.

Cover Quilting & Sewing

The core mattress is given an attractive exterior by decorative mattress cover. The cover is manufactured with the help of giant quilting machines having a multitude of needles that stitch the cover to a layer of backing material. The Tape edge operators manually feed the top, bottom, and side panels and a heavy duty binding tape into the sewing machine as it moves around the mattress. It highly depends on the skill of the operators to feed just the right amount of each material into the machine in order to get the end product of a professional standard.

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