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Fibrelux® has been registered worldwide as a trademark by Coco Industry Sdn. Bhd. Any incorrect use of the name or the trademark or its use without permission are illegal.

The use of the Fibrelux® brand is permissible only after a corresponding partnership agreement has been signed, with our prior consent and after meeting strict test standards. Its unlawful use can result in civil and criminal prosecution. The Fibrelux® brand may not be used in such a way that it may be confused with a generic designation for a chemical active substance, process or products. Furthermore, it is not to be used for the description of bacteriostatic properties or qualities. It may not be used as a term of description.

The use of the Fibrelux® brand is therefore not permissible in the following instances: "This article has been Fibrelux®", "Our shoes are Fibrelux®", "This is a Fibrelux® garment".


Fibrelux® products are sold worldwide exclusively under the Fibrelux® brand. Not all the information given in this website is valid in all countries. The data given on this website serves exclusively as a source of general information. In certain cases, legal regulations may restrict the selection of available Fibrelux® products, the field of application for which they are approved, or the permissible requirements for these products or for products treated with Fibrelux®.

If you are uncertain as to the restrictions and requirements in your country or in the countries where your treated articles are sold, or if you have other questions regarding Fibrelux® products or articles treated with them, please first contact us for support.

In any case, Fibrelux® products may only be marketed, sold and used in conformity with official guidelines and the specifications on their labels.

Disclaimer for the USA and Canada

Special legal regulations exist in the USA and in Canada. Legal claims with respect to the protection of finished products against house dust mites are not allowed. In these countries, products with a Fibrelux® treatment against house dust mites cannot be promoted as such, and no claims may be made with reference to their effectiveness against house dust mites.

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