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Hybrid Series -- Experience First ever Award Winning Personalized Sleep

Why Personalize Your Mattress?

Your body shape, weight, sleep habits, spinal condition, style and taste are not quite the same with other people, why should the most important equipment (mattress) for your sleep be the same and sleep like everyone else?

Fibrelux understand your uniqueness, and tailor made a high standard of personal designs mattress for you.

Available in all sizes: King, Queen, Super Single, Single

1st Place ~ Best Product Design (Export Furniture Exhibition 2010)

Full Elastic Fibre provides incredible support for precise spinal alignment. The layer of high resilience latex foam increased comfort and response to body pressure point.

Together, DiamondStar provides ultimate soothing luxury for the most restful and rejuvenating night¡¦s sleep possible.

Innovative mattress with Five different Firmness

Fibrelux¡¯s uniquely designed Hybrid series, provide 5 different firmness to choose from. This high-quality personalized mattress, allowing you to experience a good comfortable sleep.

Hybrid series use your body's height/weight distribution (BMI) to recommend you the firmness and support you need.

What is SPECIAL about Fibrelux Hybrid?

1. Personalized Feeling for each individual
  •  Split configuration allows personalization on both sides of the bed

2. Re-adjust firmness at any time by flipping or changing of the inner mattress part.
  •  Adjust firmness level without affecting partner¡¯s sleeping experience

3. Flexibility to arrange wider sleep area for one who often roll around during sleep
  •  Customize to 3.5 ft and 2.5ft for King size mattress

4. Non-Flip Xtra
  •  Tackled non-flip mattress problem by allowing to reassemble mattress cover up-side down or by purchase a new cover
  •  Normal Non-Flip mattress, have to change mattress after one side is dirty or damaged

5. Easy to carry when moving

6. Firmness/Support level recommendation based on individual¡¯s Weight and Height Distribution
  •  Personal firmness preference apply when selecting firmness level

7. Bring two firmness home in the price of one (except firmness 5)

8. Best Product Design Competition No. 1 Export Furniture Exhibition 2010 Bedroom Furniture Category

Hybrid 3R

•  Exchangeable Cover
•  Hygiene
•  Prolong mattress life
•  Change Firmness lever anytime

•  Old part can be reuse as single mattress

For these 2 R, comes the3th R ~Reduce solid waste

Area Dealers for Hybrid

  * Penang Island 04-6430714
  * Teluk Intan 05-6212921
  * Puchong 03-80700221 * Setapak 03-40233876
  * Melaka 06-3358236
  * Muar 06-9866204 * Kluang 07-7733380
  * Kuching 082-427863 * Sibu 084-336815 * Miri 085-439460 * Bintulu 086-317733
  * K.K. 088-714015 * Sandakan 089-673224 * Tawau 089-779562
Brunei  * 00673-2652080

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