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Rubberised Coir mattress Topper (2" thickness)

Fibrelux® mattress topper featured an exclusive advanced innovation from Japan that gives a well balanced addon supports to your existing mattress.
Awailable in all sizes: King, Queen, Super Single and Single

Classic Coir Pillow

The Coir Fiber Pillow is a traditionally shaped pillow made up of mixture of rubberised coir and polyester fiber. Perfect for Side Sleeper.

Acti-BonTM Coir Pillow

Fibrelux® Acti-BonTM Coir Pillow is traditionally shaped pillow made up of mixture of charcoal rubberised coir and polyester fiber with negative ions and far-infrared properties, bamboo charcoal coir pillows are good for sour shoulders, insomnia and respiratory health. Sun them once a month for effectiveness.

Spundown Pillow

Fibrelux® Spundown pillow with superior quality 100% polyester hollowfibre not only add comfort and protect your existing pillows, but are supremely washable.

Contour Memory Pillow

Discover a great memory foam pillow that provides comfort and orthopedic support. This pillowˇ¦s shape and firmness provides you an opportunity for a perfect nightˇ¦s rest. You deserve it!

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